Biggest mistake people make with coffee

Does your freezer look like this? Mine does. We actually have a second freezer in the garage that was a wedding gift from my in-laws. Thanks mom!

I hate throwing away food so I’m always freezing it. I was always told that you can freeze just about anything. in fact, there was a time when storing coffee in the freezer was recommended. Times were tough, coffee was a luxury, and frankly, the coffee itself wasn’t high quality like it is today. So the logic was to freeze it like everything else.

In my opinion storing coffee in the freezer isn’t necessary. It will actually start to absorb all of the other things going on in there, especially if the coffee is ground. Don’t store your coffee in the freezer.

Keep your coffee in a cool, dry location like a cupboard. For added freshness use an air-tight container (one of our favorites is the AirScape) and place the entire bag inside. A well-stored bag of coffee will stay fresh for up to three months.

So the next time you’re looking to jam that leftover lasagna in the freezer, keep an eye out for an old bag of coffee hiding in there. If you find one, do yourself a favor and throw it away. Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.


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