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90% of our beans are sourced from Central/South America and Africa, but we have some exotic coffees from Jamaica, Hawaii, and Indonesia as well.

We get asked this question asked a lot. That’s like asking which one of my children I love the most, I love them all! We are always drinking different coffees to keep our palates in tip top shape

There are many factors that go into the roasting time such as bean type, weather, external temperature, and roast profile. A typical dark roast will take us roughly 13 minutes while a lighter roast might take us 11 minutes.

If you have a bag of whole beans that are heat-sealed, you can keep the coffee fresh up to 3 months. An open bag of ground coffee will be good up to 1 month before it starts to break down.

Keep your coffee in a cool and dry place. If you have an air-tight container it will keep the coffee fresh longer. Never store your coffee in the freezer, it will act like baking soda and start to absorb food flavors.

The proper ratio of water to coffee is a range of 16/18 to 1. This means “16 or 18 parts water to 1 part coffee. If you hate math, assume you need 20 grams of coffee for 12oz of water.