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5 coffee hacks that will change your life

coffee popsicle hack

Use the coffee hacks below to step up your coffee game!

coffee popsicle hack
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Want to feel like a kid again? Combine some coffee and cream then dip it in chocolate to create the best Popsicle you have ever had.

Pro Tip: Use a dark coffee like Bella Finca or Gypsy Mix to help balance the cream.

Ice coffee cubes
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The best way to prevent your cold brew from watering down is to make ice cubes out of coffee. Grab some freshly brewed Henry's Blend and pour into your ice cube maker. Enjoy!

Ground coffee

Coffee grounds can be a great way to absorb unwanted flavors in your house. A floral coffee like Kenya Light can make a huge difference.

coffee hack garden
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The nitrogen found in ground coffee is a perfect way to help your garden grow the best. Adding coffee grounds to plants high in acidity like tomatoes will thank you!

Boiled Water
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Boiled water is actually bad for your coffee and can result in a burnt and over saturated flavor. When making coffee in a French Press or pour-over use coffee that is "off the boil." Boil the water, let it sit for one minute, then use it brew your coffee.

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