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A Trip To The Market

A Trip To The Market

We are fortunate enough to have HoC coffee on the shelves at our neighborhood supermarket. What this means is that our friends and family in the area can pick up some beans without having to drive into San Francisco (although I can shamelessly plug that we have $5 flat rate shipping on our website). What it also means is that our trips to the market are a little different than most people's.

As we walk into the store, the kids know the first place we hit up is the coffee aisle. We walk over there, make sure HoC is fully stocked, lined up correctly, and looking sharp. I do this because I want to, not because I have to. The first time the kids were with me, they were a bit shocked to see dad and grandpa's faces on the shelf. "Mom, is dad famous?" But now they know that before we can grab our veggies (and chocolate ice cream), we do what any family business would do; we keep an eye on our product, because that's how we roll.

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