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Christmas In July

Christmas In July

With delivery services now providing everything from t-shirts to cooked meals, a box on your doorstep may not feel as special as it used to. My delivery sat on the kitchen table for a few days unnoticed, until I finally had time to rip it open. Other days, I may be excited to receive a new pair of shoes or a cute top. Today, with the contents of this box, I was leaving behind my days as a novice coffee drinker.

I took out my shiny, black, stainless steel coffee canister and stared at it the way a person gazes at their brand new car. I even walked it over to my husband, expecting he would share in my excitement. Not quite, but that wasn't going to ruin my moment. With my new coffee canister and French Press, my lonely burr grinder had some friends to play with. Finally, I was ready to maximize my coffee experience. The next morning, as I opened up my Airscape canister and the aroma of House of Coffee's freshly roasted beans filled the air, I knew it was going to be a good day.

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