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Easy Aeropress Recipe

Easy Aeropress Recipe

This Aeropress recipe is super simple and most important, delicious!

The Aeropress is a super easy and convenient way to make coffee. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the same person who made the Aerobie frisbee (I never learned how to throw those things). Over the last five years it has attracted a cult following of coffee lovers, and there are even Aeropress championships all over the world!

Watch Hrag's Aeropress Recipe

What I really like about this device is how you can take it anywhere and not worry about breaking it. Made of a thermoplastic polymer, the Aeropress is a great option for camping, or throwing it in your carry-on bag when going on vacation. All you need is some hot water, and you can have your HoC coffee anywhere in the world. For my Aeropress recipe I used Vista Alegre, a rich, yet smooth cup of coffee.

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