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From One Family To Another

From One Family To Another

I first met Chase Williams at a friend's house. When he told me his story, I knew I wanted to work with him.

During his first trip to El Salvador Chase had the chance to visit a local coffee farm called Finca La Familia. There he fell in love with the farmers, culture and community. He also saw something else, poverty, and a lot of it. Soon after that trip he felt it in his heart to do something and find a way to give back. In 2013 he decided to make a dramatic change in his life.

He purchased a small plot of land in Jayaque, El Salvador along with the Finca La Familia farm. By doing so he was able to keep the family of coffee growers and help improve the farm and the community surrounding it. His goal was to impact those around him, create a legacy, and leave behind a heritage.

"We are a family of coffee growers. We believe in treating those who work for us, with us, and invest in us, like family. Our goal is for everyone we come in contact with to feel a part of our farm, and something bigger than themselves. Our workers are our extended family" - Chase Williams - Owner & Farmer

The Process

Step 1

All coffee is hand picked, and sorted with careful attention to detail. The goal is excellent flavor in every cup and to achieve high quality control. Picking out the bad and leaving the incredible.

Step 2

After the best is sorted out they proceed to the processing. The coffee is placed on raised African drying beds. This allows the coffee beans to soak up all the natural flavors from the cherries, providing complex and delicious flavors.

Step 3

After the coffee has been processed and cleaned it goes through a second sorting process before being shipped. Once it is shipped to the U.S. the coffee is sold directly to us. This provides a unique farm to cup coffee experience.

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