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Remove Coffee Static

Remove Coffee Static

Here's a great way to remove coffee static from your grinder. The best thing about grinding your own coffee is the freshness. But the worst thing is most likely the static electricity that builds up and causes the grounds to cling. This makes it extremely difficult to not only get all the coffee out of the container, but to keep your grinder clean. It's a nightmare! Well look no further. This three second trick will change your life.

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- February 01, 2022

BRILLIANT!!! I always thought it was the oiliness of the beans or humidity in my kitchen – THANK YOU!

Grandma was an Iernwerker

- February 01, 2022

Just don’t get cavalier…. Goin’ with " If some is good, more must be better, and too much must be best of all" will get you a gummy inside of your grinder and rusty steel burrs. More like brain surgery, less like an iernwerker…

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