Armenia Support Fund

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Armenia Support Fund

When the harsh realities of COVID-19 finally settled in, it occurred to the founder of the Armenia Support Fund (ASF), Olivia Jamgotchian, that life in Armenia and the Armenian community might never be the same.

The Armenia Support Fund exists to ensure that there is a safe and flourishing Armenia for the people of Armenia as well as for our children and our children’s children to visit one day. They are dedicated to providing support where the Armenian community needs it most – whether in the diaspora or in our homeland.

The Collaboration


For every bag of ASF Blend purchased Henry’s will donate all proceeds to the Armenia Support Fund. As a small business we know how helpful a grant can be and we are honored to be a part of this amazing organization.

The Coffee

This coffee is a blend of dark and medium roasted coffees from Brazil and Colombia. We wanted a blend that had a traditional flavor profile, and one that could be brewed using multiple methods. No matter if you’re pulling an espresso shot, making traditional Armenian soorj, or a regular cup of coffee this blend will work for you.

Yes, you can do more.

Head over to ASF’s website and purchase this tote. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the fund and helps save a small business in Armenia.